Parker Audsley: Technology Support Specialist, Royalton
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Parker started working at the WRVS Bethel Campus in 2020. He now supports students and staff with technology for the Royalton Campus. He is licensed in Mathematics Education for grades 7-12, has his Master's in Mathematics Education, has a certificate in IT Support from Google, and has his Google Teacher Level 1 Certification. Despite his background being in Math Education, Parker enjoys working in IT to problem solve and help students and staff with a wide variety of technological issues. Parker believes in being a lifelong learner so he often spends his free time furthering his knowledge of education, technology, and any other (seemingly random) topic that piques his interest. Parker is often described by others as helpful, generous, and friendly. You can reach Parker at

Calvin Rose: Technology Support Specialist, Bethel
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Graduated from Whitcomb HS and Champlain College with a Bachelors in Computer Science and Innovation and a minor in Psychology. Started working for WRVSU at the Bethel campus in 2023. Supports students and staff with technology for the whole building (preK-8). He likes to help people and build strong relationships. He's a fast learner and problem solver because he wants people to be disrupted as little as possible. He's very knowledgeable about technology since he has used it from a young age. He can be reached at

Ashlee Kelley: Student Support, Royalton
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Ashlee was born and raised in Rutland, VT where she grew her love for learning and fun. Ashlee moved to the South Royalton area 8 years ago, and has made a lifelong home with her family. Ashlee brings joy and enthusiasm to everything she does, and she is excited to help shape the young minds of our community! You can reach Ashlee at

Mischa Johnson: Child Nutrition Director
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Mischa started working in WRUD in July 2020. She and her family moved to Vermont from Cape Cod, Mass in 2003. Mischa lives in Randolph near her 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Her passion is her work, and with her position she is able to visit all school cafeterias within WRVSU and learn new ways to entice students to eat school meals. Mischa also enjoys spending time with her family, watching documentaries and true crime. Mischa can be reached

Julie Mabey: Nutrition Assistant, Royalton
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Julie started working at the South Royalton School in 2014 in the Child Nutrition Department/Cafeteria. She has a degree from Keene State College and worked as a  Conservation Picture Framer and Designer. A life long Upper Valley resident, married with 2 children. Julie enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking and traveling. She is a  volunteer with the Wildcat  Music Boosters and a costume designer for the WRVHS theater. Julie can be reached at

Jill Dorman: Nutrition Assistant, Royalton
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Jill started working for WRVSU at the Bethel Campus in March 2020 and moved to the South Royalton Campus September 2020. She has worked in food service since 2004 and loves to cook, and loves feeding kids!! Jill lives in Sharon with her husband and children. You can reach her at

Kelly Flood-Hammond: Nutrition Assistant, Bethel
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Kelley graduated from Ruhs in 1994. Since that time she has become a single mom of a wonderful daughter. Kelley joined the WRVSU team at the beginning of the 22-23 school year. She enjoys connecting with the kids in her school by learning each and every name of the students. She enjoys going on road trips,swimming, and spending time with family and friends.

Katherine Pasquayle: Nutrition Assistant, Bethel
Mary Schell: Community Connections
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Mary Schell currently serves as the Community+School Coordinator for White River Valley Supervisory Union. She teaches Community Connections at WRVMS. Mary moved to Vermont in the early 1990's because of the vision of progressive education in Vermont. It was a time of excitement to remove barriers and create systems to empower students to become agents of change in their own learning. Vermont was leading the national dialogue and practice for this revolution in education. Mary sees the current commitment to Community Schools through Act 67 as an evolution of Vermonters seeking to create systems for equity, learner agency as well as establishing reciprocal relationships between our schools and communities. She believes our community schools not only characterize who we are but can mobilize what our schools and communities can be. Mary had the opportunity to serve as a secondary social studies teacher at Windsor High School, Twinfield Union School, and to collaborate with youth and adult leaders as a Rowland Foundation Fellow and the Director of UP for Learning and Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together.  Mary is grateful for the time she can spend with her family, friends, dog, and horses. You can reach Mary at

Francey Slater: Farm to School Coordinator
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Francey is excited to join WRVES as the Farm to School Coordinator. Francey was born in New York, grew up in Atlanta, went to college in Philadelphia, and has come to love calling New England home for the past 20 years, and Vermont for the past 2. Francey has years of experience with Farm to School programs, school gardens, community gardens and farmers markets, and she is loving getting to know more about the farms and farmers here in VT. Francey lives in South Royalton with her family, where they garden, raise bees, chickens and sheep, play games, stargaze and make lots of home cooked meals. She can be reached at

Lori Eggum: Head Custodian, Royalton
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Lori had lived her whole life in Vermont until she met her husband to be in 1982. Her husband David was in the Air Force stationed in Arizona. They had 2 kids while stationed there. Lori worked on a huge cattle ranch(10,000) head of cattle. I raised the babies in my own barn.My barn held 256 babies and in winter time it was full. My first baby calf died and I cried like a baby. I handled vaccines for the whole dairy. I had a huge walk-in refrigerator in my barn which held the medicine and I had to keep track of what came and went for medicine. It also held soda and juices for the feed truck drivers on the dairy. Wonderful people I worked with and for. Lived in Arizona for 9 years. The base we were on closed so we got orders to GrandForks, North Dakota for 8 years.In that time her husband had been to Iraq, Turkey and Saudi when the war broke out. He also traveled the world while we were stationed there. Lori worked at a golf course and then became a head cook at the military child care center for 5 years. Dave retired, we moved to Georgia for a year. We loved it, but we decided we needed to be near family and decided to move back to Vermont. Dave went to Orange County Sheriff's Department, got a job and was a Deputy sheriff for 20 years. Lori worked for Susan Bradford in Bradford Vermont making sheepskin hats, mittens and coats full time, worked part time cleaning houses and worked part time at the Comfort Inn in Berlin for 3 years. Then business went way down so she got laid off at Susan’s. Bought a house in Tunbridge Vermont. Applied for a job at SouthRoyalton school as a sub. Got called a few days later to work full time. Daughter Rachel graduated from Oxbow, had a baby girl and started taking college classes for nursing.Rachel is now a school nurse in Woodstock High School.Son Joshua graduated from South Royalton High School. He went into the Air Force and now is stationed in Maryland and he is soon to retire in 2 ½ years. Dave and Lori’s Oldest Granddaughter Audrey is a Sophomore in Providence Rhode Island College. She wants to be a Radiologist. Ryan is a Freshman in Woodstock, Claira is pre-k in Woodstock Elementary school. Aisha is 5 and goes to school in Maryland and Jayden is 10 months old. We also have a granddaughter that lives in Arizona with her Mom. Trinity is 13. Lori and Dave spend as much time as possible with our kids and Grandkids. We enjoy visiting family when given the chance, gardening( vegetables that is.)  Watching movies, playing card games,reading, camping and just relaxing.  September 9th will be 20 years for Lori working here in SouthRoyalton Elementary - White River Valley High School. It has been a wonderful ride all these years traveling and ending up working here in Royalton. I have met so many wonderful kids and parents. Watched my first Kindergarten class graduate. That was exciting. Lori hopes to watch many more. It is wonderful working and belonging  here to the Royalton Community. Tunbridge is also a Wonderful Community and the Tunbridge Fair is Exciting. Watching all the kids and Families having a great time. We walk to the fair grounds because we live close by. It is Amazing how many people we have met and grown up with here over the years.  Lori can be reached at

Colleen Greene: Custodian , Royalton
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Colleen started working as the WRVHS as the custodian in 2021 after living in Southern RI all her life. She studied Business Management at Johnson and Wales University while serving as the assistant director of print and mail services at the university. Leaving J&W she served 21 years as print and mail site manager for Ricoh USA for what she feels is a more fulfilling job as a part of the community. Loving life in Vermont, she spends her free time reading and listening to music and does silver and metalsmithing when not outside. She has two grown children, Aaron who lives in town with his wife and many pets, and Sarah back in RI with her fiancee on their small farm. You can reach Colleen at

Tammie Collins: Custodian, Royalton
John Hubble: Head Custodian, Bethel
Chris Gray: Custodian, Bethel
Andy Davis: Custodian, Bethel