HS Final Exams
exam schedule

**Exam Expectations****The WRVHS has high expectations during exams and will follow these simple guidelines so that exams are taken seriously and everyone has a chance to be successful. **1. **Students MUST be in class on time. Teachers will lock the door after the bell and any student who is not in class will have to make up the exam. ** 2. **ALL students need to stay in the room for the entire exam, so they should bring extra reading materials to read if finished early. ** 3. Students must be in their scheduled exam unless they have made prior arrangements with the teacher. 4. **Written permission for underclassmen that want to leave after their final exam of the day, is required. ** 5. All cell phones need to be turned off and put away during the entirety of the exam.

Bethel Campus

273 Pleasant Street, Bethel VT 05032

MS Tel. 802-234-9966

ES Tel. 802-234-6607

Royalton Campus

223 South Windsor St, Royalton VT 05068

Tel. 802-763-7740

FX. 802-763-3233

Declaration of Inclusion

The White River Unified District welcomes all persons, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, income, or disability, and wants everyone to feel safe and welcome in our schools. Follow the link to read our full statement.

Adopted by the WRUD board at 3/21/23 meeting.