Elementary P.E.

Students in grades K-5 meet two times a week for a total of 80 minutes. Children in grades K-2 are encouraged to develop basic skills such as running, hopping, skipping, jumping, throwing, catching through game play. Students in grades 3-5, put it all together and enhance those skills while also learning the basic rules and strategies of how to play the game. All students in grades K-5 participate in routine fitness testing throughout the year and update their fitness portfolio after each testing cycle, looking for improvement throughout the year. Assessments in aerobic capacity (mile run) or (pacer test) , Agility (shuttle run), muscular strength ( push/pull ups) muscular endurance ( curl/sit ups) and flexibility (sit and reach) are part of that routine and children are encouraged to enhance their overall health by exercising at home or just getting outside and play.\