Flexible Pathways at WRVHS

Flexible Pathways are avenues for learning and demonstrating skills and knowledge necessary not only to graduating from high school but also to becoming a well-rounded citizen able to engage fully in the world. Through Flexible Pathways, White River Valley High School provides opportunities outside, or in conjunction with, traditional courses. Flexible Pathways combine personalized learning, proficiency-based learning, and traditional coursework to foster the development of a successful WRVHS graduate

Flexible Pathways include the following avenues:

Independent Study

Virtual Study

Expanded Learning

Community Based Learning

Career and Technical Education

Dual Enrollment & Early College

If you are interested in Independent Study, Virtual Study, or Expanded Learning, contact the Flexible Pathways Coordinator, Ben Boyington (bboyington@wrvsu.org)

To access Community-Based Learning opportunities, contact the Community-Based Learning Coordinator, Geoff Clayton (gclayton@wrvsu.org).

For Career & Technical Education or Dual Enrollment & Early College, contact the school counselor, Christopher Cate (ccate@wrvsu.org).

Student planning, growth, and reflection on learning will be driven by, and recorded in, their Wildcats Portfolio (personalized learning plan).

Flexible Pathways are mandated by the Vermont Agency of Education through Act 77 (2013), which also requires the implementation of personalized learning and proficiency-based education in schools across the state. This implementation also includes a personalized learning plan for every student–a tool for planning, exploring education and related ideas, and reflecting on learning and goals.

If you would like more information about Flexible Pathways programming at White River Valley High School, please contact the coordinator, Ben Boyington (bboyington@wrvsu.org).

Ben Boyington: Flexible Pathways
Portrait of a man, wearing glasses, sitting in an office, smiling.

In his almost 18 years as an educator, in English classrooms and as a curriculum designer and media literacy trainer, Ben has focused on student-responsive curriculum and student agency. He is excited to work with teachers, students, and the community to build a robust and exciting Flexible Pathways program–different, not easier–at White River Valley High School! The future is flexible! Ben lives in New Hampshire with his spouse, their teenage son, four cats, a dog, a bunny, and 13 chickens; he is suffering from half-empty nest syndrome, as his daughter started college this year. He decided to become a gardener in 2020, and chaos followed.

Geoff Clayton: Community-Based Learning
Man with backpack in the woods

Geoff is WRVSU’s new Work-based Learning Coordinator. Geoff serves on the Chelsea Selectboard and enjoys hunting, hiking, and getting lost in the woods. He grew up in Chelsea and looks forward to his first year in South Royalton. He can be reached at gclayton@wrvsu.org