Alexis Allen: Kindergarten, Bethel
Photo of a woman with her arms around to others at a celebration.

Alexis started working at South Royalton Elementary in 2021. Alexis began her teaching career working with infants and toddlers, then made a switch to WRES where she started teaching Kindergarten. Being local to central Vermont, she was thrilled to learn she would be teaching close to her hometown of Chelsea. Outside of school Alexis loves to spend her time baking, walking with her dog, and most importantly spending time with her friends and family. You can reach Alexis at

Erin Bucklin: Kindergarten, Royalton
Portrait of a woman with long hair, smiling.

Erin has been working at South Royalton Elementary since 2019. She has been lucky enough to teach both Kindergarten and 1st grade during her time here and loved looping up with her students. Although not native to Vermont, Erin has been in Vermont for over 5 years and has enjoyed making her home here. Outside of school Erin loves to spend time with her husband and dog, read and bake. You can reach Erin at

Tracy Gardner: 1st grade, Royalton
A woman standing in the woods with a dog on a leash.

Tracy started teaching in South Royalton in the fall of 2000. She started as a second grade teacher but has been teaching first grade, which she loves!  (First grade math is FUN!) She lives in Randolph with her family (husband,  2 children and dogs). She enjoys watching her son play sports, playing cards with her family, and sitting in the hot sun drinking iced coffee! You can reach Tracy at

Michelle Doney; 1st & 2nd Grade, Bethel
headshot of a woman with long brown hair.

Michelle has been teaching at Bethel Elementary School since 2018. She has taught first, second, third, and fourth graders in her time at BES. Ms. Doney enjoys spending time with family and her two fur babies outside of school. You can reach her at

Stephanie Russ: 1st & 2nd grade, Bethel
A woman dressed up, at night, wearing hearings and a black top.

Steph started working at Bethel Elementary back in 2004.  She teaches first and second grade.  She also works at the One Planet summer camp.  Steph has two children, Brayden and Greyson, who attend the WRVHS and WRVMS. She loves the game of basketball, loves to dance, and enjoys spending time with her family during her free time. Steph grew up in Tunbridge and attended high school in Bethel when it was Whitcomb High School before becoming WRVMS. She and her family have lived in South Royalton since 2006. Steph can be reached at

Monica Farrington: 2nd Grade, Royalton
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Monica began working at the South Royalton Campus in 2015 as a special educator and then 3rd grade teacher. She has taught from grades second to fifth grade. Outside of school she enjoys gardening, going for walks and spending time with her children and husband. Monica is a native Vermonter, but also likes to travel. You can reach Monica at

Holly Brennan-Cook: 3rd Grade, Royalton
A woman and a child sitting in a sled with big smiles in wintertime with much snow.

Holly has been at South Royalton School since 1996.  She has always taught third grade. The very BEST grade to teach. Holly is looking forward to retirement at the end of this year, yet also going to miss learning from her students each day. You will find her next year caring for her father, playing with her grandson, hiking mountains, and deciding what to do next. You can reach her at

Jaime Rainville: 3rd Grade, Bethel
Headshot of a woman with wavy brown hair and a turquoise top.

Jaime started working for WRUD in December 2010. She has taught in the alternative classroom, was a special educator, and now teaches third grade.   Jaime lives in Bethel with her husband and daughter.  She has a love for cats, reading, swimming, and kayaking.  Jaime was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and moved to the United States when she was 12 years old. In 2020, she became a United States Citizen. You can reach Jaime at

Kathy Fechter: 4th Grade, Bethel
Headshot of a woman in white with blonde hair with a big turquoise earring and a smile.

Kathy is a 4th grade teacher and has been at BES since 2019. Having discovered her passion for teaching later in life, Kathy has a somewhat unique appreciation for class games and read-alouds (these weren’t options for her at law firms). As a cartoonist published in The World and The Bridge, Kathy shares her weekly comic strip with students and strives to encourage their creativity. Kathy and her family live in Montpelier. You can reach Kathy at

Hope Yeager: 4th & 5th Grade, Royalton
Selfie of a woman with a white dog.

Hope has been teaching in South Royalton since 2007. She has taught grades 2 - 5, but teaching the combined 4th/5th grade classes is her absolute, all-time favorite thing to teach. Before getting a Master’s degree in Education, Hope earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music and studied dance and theater. For fun these days, Hope goes on hikes with friends, reads mysteries, and knits. Hope can be reached at

Alicia Hanford: 4th & 5th Grade, Royalton
A smiling woman on a mountain bike in the woods.

Alicia began teaching in South Royalton 20+ years ago as a middle school math and social studies teacher. Currently Alicia teaches 4th and 5th grade. Before teaching in Vermont Alicia taught middle school math and science in New Hampshire and led wilderness trips in the summer. When Alicia is not teaching she can be found spending time with her husband, two teenage children, her dog and two cats. She enjoys running, skiing, hiking, reading, walking and riding her mountain bike. You can reach Alicia at

Rebecca Fors: 5th Grade, Bethel
Portrait of a  woman with white hair tied back and a red sweater.

Rebecca Fors currently teaches 5th grade at Bethel Elementary. She has worked at Bethel since 2017. Prior to coming to Bethel, she taught at Hartford Middle School for 17 years. She lives in Bethel with her husband, Chris, and children, Andrew and Sophia. When not teaching, she loves to be outside. She became a teacher because she thinks kids are the best people in the world, and loves to share their excitement at figuring out the world. You can reach Rebecca at

Deedy Anderson: Paraeducator, Royalton
A smiling woman up close wearing glasses, and a purple shirt.

Deedy Anderson started kindergarten in the Bronx, then spent grades 1-7 switching between the Bronx and Bethel. During 7th grade, Her family moved permanently to Bethel. She graduated from Whitcomb (Bethel) HS and then from Castleton in 1973 . During college, her family moved to South Royalton, for a few years,  before returning to Bethel. Later, after moving to Rochester, she began working for the Supervisory Union in 1987 when a friend suggested she come over from Dandelion Daycare,  and work for Title I.

Deedy started out tutoring in the small one and two room schoolhouses in Granville and Hancock, then was moved to Rochester elementary until the rules for Title I  changed. At this point, Deedy continued for a few years in SPED in Rochester, then Stockbridge,  Bethel and most recently arriving at SRHS and SR Elementary in the fall of 2021 where she is continuing as a paraprofessional. The best part of all this, she says, has been the wonderful friends along the way.

Ariel Colson: Paraeducator, Royalton
Photo of a woman outdoors in the woods,  in sunshine, smiling.

Ariel grew up in the Royalton area and began working for WRVSU in 2021 as a Special Education Para-Educator. She currently resides in South Royalton with her husband and 3 children. In her free time she enjoys animals, gardening and being outdoors. She can be reached at

Kylie Edwards: Special Educator, Royalton
A woman standing in a summer's field, dressed in black.

Kylie joined WRUD in 2021 as a Special Educator in the Elementary Alternative Classroom. Kylie has been supporting youth and families in alternative education since 2010. She is passionate about creating a nurturing educational environment where students can experience success. When not in school, Kylie enjoys outdoor adventures, trying new foods/recipes, and spending time with family. You can reach Kylie at

Heather Harvey-Gibson: Special Educator
photo of a woman with blonde hair and sunglasses, a big smile and a bright blue puffy jacket.

Heather began working for Windsor Northwest Supervisory Union in 1996. She was a Paraeducator for 2 years at Bethel Elementary School, and then she was hired to be a teacher for a high school student at Whitcomb High School. She did this for 3 years (and loved it!) until the student graduated. The Special Educator at Bethel Elementary School was retiring, so Heather was hired to be the replacement. She has been at Bethel Elementary School ever since! For the 2021/2022 school year, Heather is the Special Educator at South Royalton Elementary School as well as Bethel Elementary School.Heather lives in Stockbridge, VT with her husband Luke, her daughter Madelyn, who is a freshman at White River Valley High School, and her Doberman, Ryder.  Heather loves hiking on the many trails on their property as well as running many miles. Heather can be reached at

Kylie Hollstein: Paraeducator, Royalton
White woman in a blue dress smiling and posing next to a hedge of flowers.

Kylie started working in the SU in 2019. Starting at Bethel elementary, then to South Royalton elementary. She has her Bachelors in Science from Colby-Sawyer College. She has many years of experience working with young children. She enjoys helping shape little minds and seeing the excitement of the students. Kylie grew up in Quechee, Vt. She now lives in Sharon, Vt with her husband, son and dog. Kylie enjoys doing anything outside, loves spending time with family and friends. Her email is, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Gloria Kinnarney: Paraeducator, Royalton
A woman, at night, holding up a lit paper lantern, about to let go.

Gloria joined WRUD in 2002 as a special education paraeducator. I have worked with many children over the past 20 years. I have lived here in South Royalton all my life. I have made this town my home with my husband Jim. Together we have raised  4 wonderful children. We also have 4  very energetic grandsons that I love spending time with.  You can reach Gloria at

Kerri Rogers: Paraprofessional, Royalton
Selfie of a woman in a baseball cap standing on the shore by the water.

Kerri  joined WRUD in 2014 as a special education paraeducator. Kerri has spent over 20 years working with youth through coaching multiple sports, community involvement, and in educational settings. She has a background in massage therapy and nursing. For many years she served as the Royalton Recreation Director, bringing the community together, offering opportunities and fun events. Kerri enjoys making students smile with her singing, dancing, and infectious laugh. Motto: FUN!!  Kerri  lives in South Royalton, with her husband and two children. Moving back across the country 16 years ago from Arizona to raise them in the same loving community in which she grew up. In her down time, Kerri enjoys walking and hiking, playing board games with her family, and spending the summer in her favorite place, a cabin on her pond. Kerri can be reached at

Heather Slater: Paraeducator, Royalton
A woman in a classroom, half smiling at the camera.

Heather has lived in Vermont most of her life, moving to South Royalton in 2015. She started working at WRVES Royalton campus as a Paraprofessional in October of 2021. She majored in Human Services with a minor in Art. Previous to working here Heather worked as Program Director at a special needs based Community Center where she learned that she loved working with people with differing abilities.  She also enjoys spending time with her three boys, relaxing in the sun by the river, and drawing or painting.

Janet Turner: Paraeducator, Royalton
A smiling woman with glasses standing in front of an alphabet poster.

Janet has been working at South Royalton since 2016. She has an A.S. in early childhood education and has been in the field for over 40 years. She is originally from Massachusetts and Maine but now calls Vermont home. She enjoys outside time with her family, especially her granddaughters. She enjoys gardening ,reading and relaxing by the river. You can reach her at

Gabriela Calderon, Kindergarten, Royalton Campus
Gabriela Calderon

Gabi has experience working with children in many different settings and truly enjoys it. She has been a camp counselor, community skills provider, and more. Gabi started her teaching experience as a long-term substitute working with 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade but is now excited to be a Kindergarten teacher. She started working for South Royalton Elementary in 2022. Gabi was raised in Vermont, having grown up in Roxbury and Berlin. She enjoys the South Royalton area, as she has visited frequently since she was young. When not teaching, Gabi is an avid sports fan, hockey being her favorite. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, reading, and traveling. Please feel free to reach her at

Gabriella Calderon